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Name:Marionette Owl
Birthdate:Oct 25

Alternate Name: Spectre, The Spectre Killer
Age: 20's
Eye Color: Red
Hair Color: Red
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Height: 5ft 8ins (175cm)

Affiliation: Black Chamber
Primary Weapon: Knives
Secondary Equipment: Stun Grenades, Dolls, Creepiness

A notorious serial killer who became obsessed with murdering the women he loves. He is able to stave off his urges by means of his black ops assassination work, but due to an incident four years ago, he is somewhat unstable. He was born with an unnatural ability to see in the dark, and his crimson eyes glow in the dark like those of an owl or a cat. Obsessed with dolls, he manipulates them to distract his prey and kills silently in the dark.
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